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Would you like more CONNECTION in your life? Do you yearn for deeper intimacy with your partner? Would you like more meaningful relationships with your friends and family? And how about finding an inner connection to yourself? Building a better relationship with your body, your pleasure, your senses, your energy, and the world around you... Tantra offers meditations and practices that help us to explore these questions and find a deeper connection to life. Live Life; Live Tantra!


What our customers are saying

For someone just entering the field, I was blown away by so many amazing instructional videos and wealth of knowledge. From basics around tantra, to exercises for myself, to partner work. I'm so excited to get through more of these.

Aria Celest Kalavska | Healer, hypnotherapist, coach, nomad | The world is my home

LiveTantra is the perfect avenue for those wanting to explore the world of Tantra. Every video is filled with life changing and eye opening tools and nuggets. You can feel the passion and loving energy radiate from each instructor!

Denyse Ford | Sociologist, budding Tantrica | Maryland, USA

I'm so amazed at this streaming site with many teachers with experience and knowledge of Tantra and useful guided practices for the same price as Netflix subscription. I like the down to earth nature of the teachers.

Mark Anthony | Electrician | Stolckholm, Sweden

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